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Statement on the Death of George Floyd

 The video footage of the brutal killing of George Floyd in daylight by Minneapolis police officers shocked the world. This killing and many other killings perpetrated by the police hardly differ from the killings carried out by the most oppressive regimes around the word. Moreover, the peaceful demonstrations in many cities across America, that followed the death of Mr Floyd were confronted with terrifying violence by the police. In the last few days we have witnessed hundreds of acts of violence against media staff among others. The killing of Mr Floyd was yet evidence on the extreme and systemic violence used by the police in the USA.

Racism, extreme violence and harassment by the police against the Black and other minorities are not isolated incidences.  Statistics indicate that there are huge racial disparities in how law is enforced in the USA. It is noticed that 53% of sentences in the USA are on drug related offices and violations of immigration law which can be stopped immediately without impacting the safety and security of the society.

What is more terrifying is that most acts of violence by police go without any punishment.

Racism and the systemic violence by the police especially against the Black are not merely the consequences of historical legacy, lack of training and bad behaviour of individual members of police.   The crisis ridden capitalist system produces, reproduces and perpetuates racism and violence in countless ways.  This decayed system that put tens of millions of people under the poverty line in the richest country in the world where also 80% of working-class life from pay cheque to pay cheque alongside unprecedented levels of inequality requires extreme violence to rule.  On the other hand, unemployment, lack of social security, healthcare, education, and widespread homeless ness cause degradation of the society that leads to high rate of crime and other social pathologies like high suicide rate and death from overdosing.  Violence and militarising the society are used to deal with these social pathologies and the anger against this system. Thus, systemic violence, militarizing the society, dividing the population along racial lines are all necessary for the capitalist system to rule.

The demonstrations that followed the death of Mr Floyd have proven that the mass of people are sick and tired of the violence, deprivation, war, discrimination and racism imposed on society by the capitalist system. These demonstrations have also showed that the society is divided on class basis rather than racial and other false identities. It is becoming obvious every day goes by that this system is failing the humanity and it is time to be changed. The humanity under this system is reeling from one crisis to another. Humanity deserves better than capitalism and can come with a better system. We cannot end the violence by police by changing procedures, recruiting black people into police and more training and education.  To end this violence that is perpetrated on behalf of the ruling class, we need to end the capitalist system.

We strongly condemn George Floyd’s killing.  We express our solidarity with the struggle of masses of people in the USA against the miseries imposed on them by the capitalist system.  We call on the masses of people to unite and transfer the struggle to their places of residence and work.

Worker-communist Party of Iraq- Abroad Organisation

Worker-communist Party of Kurdistan- Abroad Organisation

3 June 2020


Dashty Jamal In charge of -Abroad Organisation-Worker-communist Party of Kurdistan-Emaildashtyjamal@gmail.com     Tel: 0044 (0)7856032991   Website: www.hkkurdistan.org

Adil Ahmad In charge of -Abroad Organisation-Worker-communist Party of Iraq- Email:  adil_ahmed2002@yahoo.caTel: 001 416 -8773577   Website:www.wpiraq.net.



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