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Kurdistan masses need international support!

After oppression, genocide and devastation committed against them by the  successive chauvinistic states of Iraq, the people of Kurdistan after local, regional and international pressures eventually held the referendum on 25th. September. The majority voted for an independent Kurdistan.

After this decision of Kurdistan masses, the chauvinistic ethnocentric government in Baghdad and oppressive reactionary states in the region and the world threaten the demands and independent will of Kurdistan masses under the name of “saving the unity of Iraq and territorial integrity”. The threats include closing the borders and prohibiting movement, economic sanctions and military manoeuvres. More scornful is the stance of the Security Council of the United Nations that paves the way for Al-Abadi, Al-Maliki, the Iraqi parliament, Erdogan state and the Mullah state of Iran threat punishing the masses of Kurdistan thus intimidating people to fall back the necessary steps to be taken afterwards. The stances of Security Council, the reactionary regional states and the USA and its allies refute all the allegations of the Kurdish nationalist parties claiming that those imperialistic states and institutions are friends of Kurdish masses and human right protectors. The history of those states and institutions is none but legalising and carrying out occupation policies, savage wars, devastation and homicide all over the world.

Now because the Kurdistan masses are just exerting their rights, they are faced with pressure, threats of hunger and even military attack. The national-fascist and ethnocentric government and parliament of Baghdad, the bloody-handed Islamic regime in Iran and the fascistic state of Erdogan all have launched military manoeuvres and show the gory claws of their armies and militias to the masses of Kurdistan to regret the referendum and surrender to the decisions imposed on them.

Kurdistan masses combated the barbarism of ISIS. People have defended themselves and civil society. They fight against a savage created by the USA, the imperialistic states and their regional regime allies. But, now when the former uses the most basic right, which is a referendum to decide about its desired future, they opposed by the world and regional states. If this logic is allowed, the whole world will be slaves and captives of these imperialistic and oppressive states.

Freedom loving people of the world!

Worker, socialist and human rights organisations!

Kurdistan masses are facing a largely and great threat just because they use a simple right. International and territorial forces flocked to destroy the will of people and surrender them anew to the servitude exerted upon them for tens of years. Kurdistan masses need your support and solidarity. Raise your protest, exert pressure on the great power states and the UN to stop their policy that paves the way for the fascistic Islamic and nationalist states of the region to intimidate the people of Kurdistan. You stood beside the people of Kobani and hence recorded victory for the freedom loving people of the world. You are called today also to defend humanity and freedom. Support Kurdistan masses to establish an independent state.

Workers and freedom loving people of Iraq!

What the masses in Kurdistan voted for on 25th. September is only to separate from Iraq after experiencing oppression, war and fight of which all the masses in Iraq have been victims. The Kurdish people would like to be good neighbours, friends and supporters of all the other masses of Iraq. The Iraqi authorities want to deceive the masses in Iraq. They want to launch an ethnocentric war and genocide. They want to revive the fascistic culture of Baath regime, the regime of Anfal and chemical weapons.

We call upon you not to be misled by these fascistic allegations; but to stand against them and show your solidarity with the people of Kurdistan. Do not allow these oppressors sanction and intimidate Kurdistan masses, who do not have any conflict or problem with the Arabic-speaking working people. Both the fascistic states of Iraq and the nationalistic antagonism of the Kurdish and Arabic nationalist parties have made it difficult for these people to live together. The freedom loving people of Iraq should support the very simple right of Kurdistan masses.

Workers, freedom-loving masses of Turkey and Iran!

Political parties and the organisations that defend freedom and humanity in Iran and Turkey!

The two oppressive homicidal states of Erdogan and Mullahs in Iran are savagely threatening the masses in Iraqi Kurdistan just because after tens of years of oppression and genocide, these masses have decided in a referendum to separate from Iraq and establish an independent state. Beside their threats, these two reactionary states encourage Turkish and Persian nationalism prejudices to deteriorate the sphere more. The people of Kurdistan have no conflict or problem with any other people; they consider themselves solidary with the working people and freedom loving people of the region and the world. We call upon you to stand against the inhumane policies of these two fascistic states and express your solidarity with the depressed people of Kurdistan.

Worker-communist Party of Kurdistan

28th. September 2017



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